Guidelines for Submissions

Fall Deadline: 11:59 pm. Monday, Sept. 17, 2018
Mail-in Deadline: Monday, Sept. 17, 2018

The Collage staff would like your original, creative works! We accept visual artwork, literary works, audio, and video submissions produced by MTSU students, faculty, staff, and ALL MTSU alumni.

What Kind of Work is Accepted? 

We accept prose, poetry, song lyrics, art, and photography. In addition to the visual and literary artworks that started the Collage tradition, we are now thrilled to begin publishing music and video on our website! 

If you have interests in multiple mediums, then you will be happy to know that you can submit to and potentially be published in all of our categories: Visual, Literary, Audio, and Video.

How Are the Selections Made?

Submissions will be graded upon quality, originality, and creative expression. Final selections are made at the discretion of the Collage staff through criteria that has been established as appropriate to showcase MTSU, the Honors College, and our diverse community.

If a submission is accepted, we will contact you by email at the end of the semester to the email address listed in your submission information.

Before You Submit, Please Carefully Note the Following:

1. You can only submit FOUR (4) entries per major category (visual, literary, audio, and video)

2. Don't identify yourself on either the copy of the submitted work or on the digital file. We want to maintain integrity by leaving off all submitter names as well as having a double-blind grading process.

3. Submitting your work gives Collage permission to publish submitted work in the printed magazine, the online publication, and the MTSU institutional repository

4. Submitting your work gives Collage permission to edit submitted work. We will not alter your content or artistic intention. For literary submissions, we maintain the right to  alter spelling, punctuation, and grammar as needed, while always respecting any intentionally-unique spacing and formatting. For visual art, we may offer to reshoot the image, if the quality is low. We will never make edits to submissions under the categories of Photography, Audio, or Video. We will, of course, contact you about changes to intentional  content before making any alterations.

5. Having your work published in Collage does not relinquish or weaken your copyright to your work in any way. If anything, it functions to establish your intellectual property as your own. You do not need to have your work legally copyrighted before submitting. You will retain all rights, and are granting us permission to print your work.

6. Faculty, staff, and alumni, since the "We Exist to Promote You" section of the digital submission form is geared toward students, you can adapt it by answering that you are an alumnus, faculty member, or staff member. Instead of putting your major, list the area in which you teach or that you previously studied when a student. Career aspirations can be anything that relates to your job. If you would rather not fill out this portion, type N/A.

If you would like to personally submit your work, feel free to stop by the Collage office on the second floor of the Martin Honors Building (Room 224) or our Advisor Marsha Powers’ office (Room 225) to drop off a USB drive or visual submission. USB drives will be returned immediately while visual submissions may be kept longer for potential re-photographing, unless otherwise requested.

Feel like mailing a submission in? Be sure to get it signed, sealed, and delivered by September 17. Send to:

Collage Editor
MTSU Box 267
Murfreesboro, TN 37132


Contact Marsha Powers, the Collage adviser by calling 615-898-5759 or using You can also get in touch with the Collage Editor in Chief at

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